Emlak Konut


Ongoing Project
Progress %14,16


 A brand-new District is being born in Istanbul!


Semt Bahçekent increases your life quality with the opportunities it offers, including the nature of Hayat Park located right next to it as well as ease of transportation.

Your life will be full of peace and safety in this District. With its location close to TEM Highway, 3. Airport and 3. Bridge linking roads and its planned development, Bahçekent is a candidate to become the new attraction center of the city and opens door to a happy life with all its social opportunities, children’s playgrounds and proximity to Hayat Park.

The District of innovation awaits you to offer prestige with its distinct concept and large social areas. Semt Bahçekent is located in Bahçekent, Istanbul's developing front and investors' new favorite. Developing rapidly with new projects, Bahçekent carries the city and nature to the focus of your life with its location neighboring Bahçeşehir and Hayat Park as well as its proximity to TEM Highway, 3. Airport and 3. Ring Road.

Living in one of the housings of this large-scale project, you will easily reach any point in the city and have a quiet, peaceful life. Semt Bahçekent reaches out to the world with the 3. Airport and to Istanbul with linking roads, while opening up to a spacious life with its proximity to the city park located on an area of 141,939.50 m².

Semt Bahçekent, designed to its finest details, deserves its name with 669 houses, 26 trading areas where you can enjoy shopping and with its proximity to Hayat Park – the large city park standing for becoming a source of oxygen to the city with its impressive nature and green landscape where you will enjoy the restful effect of water.

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