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Completed Project


1stanbul, accompanying life with its social facilities and services by providing alternative solutions to different choice and tastes, is a never sleeping site which has an architectural philosophy that meets nature with comfort and where every corner is covered by different tones of green.

Every detail was noted in order to provide a quality of life.

A closed parking lot where you can go up to your condo directly, a wide lobby by the block entrance that welcomes you and your guests…… With its garden floors which may provide a medium of mild friendship 1stanbul is one of the most precious gifts that might be given to you and your family.

In the social spots of 1stanbul that adds proactivity to life, a prosperous and healthy future awaits you.

1stanbul which has a 90,000 meter square of parcel land and 206,000 meter square of construction site provides a enjoying life with its unique architectural design in 1,188 units of condos which is composed of 482 units of 1+1, 228 units of 2+1, 390 units of 3+1, 32 units of 3+1 duplex and 56 units of 4+1 condos and the project provides vast social facilities. Also, there is a wide range of choices for condo sizes from 58 m2 up to 219m2 and from 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 up to 3+1 duplex and 4+1.

Besides, 1stanbul provides an appealing tool for investment where everyone would like to live in. As 1stanbul is located just beside Ispartakule which is rapid developing district of Istanbul which makes the project well rated profitable project.

1stanbul, which is located by the entrance of Bahçeşehir-Ispartakule which is the new centre for modern life, provides a peaceful environment without being disconnected from the energy of city life by the help of alternative transportation choices. In 1stanbul where there is a sea and lake view on one side and city view on the other, life is fully experienced.

For details on 1stanbul, please go through www.biristanbul.com

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