Emlak Konut


Completed Project


Ataşehir Residence, located within the borders of İstanbul Ataşehir Project, on Sedef Street, is bringing totally new and contemporary solutions to housing with the technology of 21th century.

Within 2 blocks of the project, there are total 180 apartments, 7 offices and 1 social facility in its 2 blocks consisting of ground floor + 23 storeys. 45 of these 180 apartments were planned as (1+1), 1 as (2+1), 45 as (3+1) and 89 as (4+1).

In Ataşehir Residence, in which every comfort to facilitate life and make people happy as an architectural expression of respect for human has been thought and planned down to the last detail, a collective life space where comfortable and peaceful times to live can continue lifelong was actualized.

A life free from the stress of urban life, in which you will enjoy more from each instant due to its architectural quality and comfort, is being offered to you.

  • Tunnel moulding system in compliance with new earthquake and building bylaws,
  • Heat isolation,
  • Heating system with combi,
  • Car parking with 3 storey indoor garage,
  • Indoor swimming pool,
  • Fitness center,
  • Security at entries and exits...

Project Images :