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Completed Project


Bahçekent Project, as the size of our field projects, we began to work from "urban scale" by making a detailed research from transportation to the topography, from the view through to the environmental factors. With the silhouette of every planned structure and its effect on the people left behind, with the awareness of those structures would be in the memoirs of the people living in the city more than the owners of those buildings; we have given not just an architectural project to the region but a new "urban design project" to Istanbul. Instead of looking at the architecture and the environment from the perspective of just well-designed and beautiful to look at structures, we prefer to use it from a point of view towards the human, the city and natural building. Surrounding with primary and secondary schools, mosques, social - cultural facilities and public agencies of the building area also supported this relationship. 

Our other important criteria in the design was "to return to the era of traditional neighborhood" theme. We aimed to reach the new technology and the traditional with plan solutions suitable for Turkish family lifestyle, with the size and nature of the social field, with mutual support of indoor and outdoor spaces, with the removal of mediocrity caused by "Housing" functions, with the quality of the project responding all the needs of home buyers in the region and with the facade designs. We have supported our project with the need of immediate surroundings -trade functions. 

Bahçekent Master Plan aims to create and protect a rapidly evolving sensitive along the line ecosystem to create a clear and significant city structures by emphasizing the unique potential of the land. Program strategy that includes combined use aims to activate via additional functions such as a busy city structure, productive landscape architecture and the creation of lively business corridor. Offering high quality of life environment to the living and attractive for the investors is provided by the need for market demand in association with a respect to existing and future ecosystem, integrated and forward-looking approach.

About 11 hectares of Master Plan area with 168 hectares has been reserved as the first "central park" area in Istanbul. Bahçekent Real Estate Residential is becoming a new center of attraction in Başakşehir district with its neighborhood to this region, with its central location and with its own supply sustainability and adequacy.


Total construction area of 308,809.00 square meters Bahçekent Real Estate Residential Stage 1 consists of a total of 1,506 residential units including 218 1 + 1, 467 2 + 1, 675 3 + 1 and 146 4 + 1 and 282 commercial units, 1 primary school, 1 nursery and 1 mosque.

In all this integrity, the way of life both in low-rise and high-rise blocks are integrated. A 7/24 live and active environment has been created by supporting all residential areas with commercial and reinforcement services around.

In order to obtain clean energy, use of renewable energy sources in the project has been intended. In this context, 4 kW solar panel is to be installed in the blocks specified in the project, the produced energy is consumed in the public areas of the blocks.

In order to provide recycling of domestic waste formed in houses and to gain them back to economy, waste recycling system will be installed in the specified blocks in their projects. The system will work automatically and the user will be presented to the 4 + 1 options (domestic wastes, metal, plastic, glass or paper waste oil). Access to the system will be done via the center shaft covers left on the floors and the wastes will be collected in a container. Transformation will be achieved with decomposition at source by providing at least about 85% gain. 

in order to integrate environmental awareness and modern technology to the project, to the covered parking places, a specified number of electric vehicle charging units will be provided. This will encourage the use of electric vehicles with charging unit and it will contribute to the reduction of carbon release.

In addition, in order to avoid environmental pollution and waste oil to sewers, our whole blocks' kitchen lines will be provided to line of the sewer connection after passing through the central grease trap.

Project Features


• Raft foundation and earthquake-resistant construction with tunnel formwork system 

• Children's play areas, recreation areas and hiking trails 

• 83% green space throughout the project 

• Ponds 

• Planned landscaping and automatic irrigation system 

• A number of elevators specified in the projects of the blocks 

• Access to floors from parking with elevators 

• Indoor and outdoor parking 


656/4 654/2 653/1 652/1 656/5 654/1 Toplam Kapalı otopark 543 209 - - 466 186 1404 Açık otopark 224 122 297 258 - - 901 


• Sheathing thermal insulation 

• Generator system in all common areas and apartments with 100% back-up capacity to provide power 

• Site-wide; environmental lighting 

• Central satellite TV (SMATV) broadcasting system 

• Digital addressable fire detection and alarm system 

• the emergency notification sound system in the blocks and parking specified in the project. 

• Color video intercom system 

• Site management under the control of trained and certified security team 

• Site entrance security access control system 

• Site-wide 24/7 hour monitoring and recording featured closed-circuit perimeter security (CCTV) system 

• Sprinkler fire extinguishing system in the covered parking 

• Smoke exhaust ventilation system in the covered parking 

• Sprinklers, smoke exhaust, pressurization system in high-rise blocks 

• Heat and sound insulation in the individual sections 

• Central heating and hot water production and heat station (sup-station) system 

• Close to trade and reinforcement area 

• Central location 

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