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Completed Project


Batışehir is one of the biggest projects of Europe, kind of a totally new city built in the city. The project, whose south part is designated to shopping, residence and office life and north part is to the houses with their own courtyard and life, includes life spaces which can be preferred with their various functions and various squaremeters depending on the life style.

Batışehir West Life Houses consists of three parts. West Life Panorama, West Life Scenery and West Residence. West Street is being prepared for a pleasant shopping in Batışehir. This street, accessible not just by Batışehir residents but by whole Istanbul, has a quite lively square extending along Batışehir, near TEM highway.

100.000m2 of outdoor and green space is being offered to Batışehir residents.

The climate is being regulated with the ecosystem developing thanks to the pond and the reflecting pools.

With selection of the plants specific to Marmara region, saving is obtained from landscape irrigation.

Green areas are being enlarged with the green roof application.

Due to minimum outdoor car park areas, while green spaces are being enlarged, air pollution is being reduced to minimum.

Walkways and cycle tracks are given place.

Special parking areas for the vehicles consuming low emulsion fuel and charging stations for electric vehicles are being built.

Thanks to the position of Batışehir, it is aimed to encourage Batışehir residents for public transportation and reduce CO2 emission to minimum.

In order to maximum utilize the sunlight, the buildings not blocking the sunlight of each other were designed.

In the common areas, the electricity of Batışehir is being supported with photovoltaic panels.

In order to use water more efficiently, a system collecting the rain water was developed and so water saving is obtained.

For contributing the ecological balance, Batışehir residents are encouraged to raise birds in the birdhouses.

With 5000m2 of water areas, a life nested with water is waiting for you in Batışehir. Either become cooler in outdoor pools, relax in the indoor swimming pool at Batı Aktif on every day of year or fulfill your longing to sea in the swimming pool with a special beach.


Suda Park

Suda Park is designated a special place within the water world of Batışehir. Under the wonderful water park consisting of reflecting pool, there are fitness center, changing rooms and cafeteria. Inner part of Suda Park hosts its guests without disconnecting from the outside scenery thanks to its large panaromic glass facade. The slopped green area on Suda Park provides a 3 dimensional, magnificent scenery to those becoming cooler in the outdoor pool.


West Trade Center

Large, efficient office areas without loss

A city hotel

A city hotel where the visitors of the offices can be easily hosted

Concierge services

Copy center

Private dining halls

Car park and valet parking

Archive rooms

Equipped security services

VIP lounge

Lobby and information desk

Storage rooms

IT service

From sports fields to sauna, from indoor pool to game areas, a social center with various opportunities; Batı Aktif

Climating system providing continuous clean air and ideal temperature inside office

Bank branches close to office floors, hairdresser, tailor, pharmacy, shoeshine and dry cleaning services.

Continuous electricity and water services

High speed internet and satellite broadcast with fiber optic internet connection

Batı College

Batı College, possessing the education level and social opportunities becoming to most contemporary project of the West, consists of 40 classes, delivering education at the level of secondary education.


Batı Aktif

Batı Aktif, the favorite space of those who wants to relax in Batışehir. With indoor swimming pool, fitness, spa, sauna, squash, basketball, mini golf and volleyball courts, Batı Aktif is openning wide the doors of a healthy and active life.

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