Emlak Konut


Completed Project


In Kırklareli’s Lüleburgaz district a model project reflecting the modern urbanism approach comes to life. Burgazkent is being constructed to offer Lüleburgaz resident a comfortable and secure living area.

Burgazkent consists of 29 blocks with a total of 752 apartments and 52 villas on a 134,065 square meter construction area on 4 different city blocks. In the scope of the project offering options of 2+1 and 3+1 apartments (with sizes varying from 109,41 and 151,43 square meters) and semi-detached villas lined up along the street (with sizes in between 177,11 and 185,05 square meters), there will also be an outdoor parking with a capacity of 809 cars.


All Burgazkent buildings feature exterior thermal sheating for insulation while the project is being constructed with tunnel workform system to ensure earthquake safety.


Commercial center,

Outdoor sports areas,

Elementary school with 24 classrooms,

Children’s playgrounds,

Outdoor parking with a capacity of 809 cars,

Landscaping works,

24-hour security...

Project Images :

Sales Prices :

Sıra Ada Parsel Blok Net M2 Fiyat Detay
1 1266 1 9(A06) 121,71 297.000,00 Detay