Emlak Konut


Completed Project


A dream city like its name is being constructed at Çerkezköy district of Tekirdağ. The project, which will serve as a model for collective housing in the region, will offer you a dreamlike life opportunity.

DreamCity Çerkezköy, having total construction area of 39.000 square meters, consisting of 204 luxury houses in 6 blocks and having 13.000 square meters green space and 10.000 square meters shopping center, is a project with size that can change face of Çerkezköy.

DreamCity Çerkezköy will be constructed with tunnel moulding system having enhancing effect in resistance to earthquake and includes 2+1, 3+1(two types), 3+1 duplex and 5+1 duplex luxury house alternatives. Inside the houses where firs class construction materials are being used, there will be built in white appliances in the kitchens, fixed furnitures and kitchen cupboards having de lux standards, architectural details thought with great care, a perfect sound and heat insulation, sattelite broadcast system suitable for cablecast and wireless internet connection.

Semi olympic swimming pool,

Walking track,

Sports facilities,

Shopping center,

Ornamental pools,

Children's parks,

Social facilities,

Professional housing estate management,

24 hour Security...

Tel : +90 282 717 82 59

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