Emlak Konut


Completed Project


Some values come together and combine a higher value.

Dumankaya is starting a new valuable project Dumankaya Miks in modern face of Halkalı; Atakent which is in the new attraction center of European Side.

Dumankaya Miks is in the heart of high values and it is next to Temapark which will be İstanbul’s greatest amusement and fair center.

Dumankaya Miks Project, is going to be consist of two residence blocks presenting houses and commercial areas together in a land of 30 decares. In Dumankaya Miks there are 657 houses, 72 commercial parts and 7 offices with 736 independent sections. With its vertical concept and making difference architecture, Dumankaya Miks is suitable for today’s trends and presents optimum usage areas. 

Apart from studio flats changing between 39-41 m², 1+1 flats changing between 56-135 m² and 2+1 flats changing between 97-99 m², in Dumankaya Miks there are also commercial units consisting of banks, restaurants, pharmacies, tailors, dry cleaning, shopping place, stores and home offices. Dumankaya Miks presents a quality life with residence flats providing relaxing, dynamic and comfortable life spaces which are suitable for İstanbul’s fast life.


Dumankaya Miks invites you for a premium life with above standards services. 

Dumankaya Miks Project has a strategically important location; it is just next to TEM highway, it is close to the first Temapark of Turkey, Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Training and Research Hospital with 544 bed capacities, Olympic Stadium, Masko Cabinetmakers’ Bazaar, İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone, İstoç and Atatürk Airport. Being close to these places makes its investment value gets higher and higher. Dumankaya Miks is the first and greatest social project of Temapark Turkey. Temapark will be located on a land with 150.000 decars and in this place there will be various concepts altogether in a place like shopping center, shopping street, amusement center, fair and convention center, medical center, hotels. It is being planned that the park will employ more than 4000 people and it will be an attraction center for İstanbul with its visitor number. It is an inevitable fact that Temapark in Halkalı will attract crowds by combining different concepts in it when you see Temapark examples in the world.


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