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Completed Project


Elite City Project, being constructed at Küçükçekmece Atakent neighbourhood by ŞUA İnşaat, is coming into existence making detailed studies with important architecture offices and landscape architects who add value to a lot of projects one more valuable than the other. Elite City project, which can be indicated as success of study of an expert team pulling together is also one of the most effective samples of meeting of green with modern architecture. Elite City, benefiting well from being at an efficient position in respect of the point it is located at Atakent, succeeds in being different with landscape works and building designs. With its landscape structure remaining green throughout 12 months and horizontal and vertical living concept, it offers the comfort of reaching different lives, enjoying with outdoor and indoor sports areas, watching your children playing with their friends at play areas from recreation areas inside fantastic ambience of color gardens.

Since the buildings in Elite City project have been located in conformity with the sun, wind calculations, no building blocks sunlight of one another. Due to its wide indoor parking garage, it offers pleasure of perfect landscape without being subject to visual pollution.Elite City consists of total 591 apartments in 9 blocks having 3 different types named as A (A1,A2,A3), B (B1, B2), C and D (D1, D2, D3). A Blocks are 20 storey, B Blocks are 3 storey, C Block is 30 storey, D Blocks are 7 storey, and there are total 591 apartments in 9 blocks being 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1. These blocks are positioned around enormous landscaping area, social facilities and outdoor and indoor swimming pool. 

Elite City is at a location close to Atatürk airport and two general hospitals one of which is the biggest cardiac hospital of the European side, close to metro exit and two peripheral roads, and 18 elementary schools and elite university campuses. At Elite City Bazaar, you will be able to find a lot of thing your family may need. You will easily supply your daily need at stores such as pharmacy, market, dry cleaning, patisserie, etc. In Elite City, you may get an elite nursery service for your child.

Your security is provided by Elite City security center with 24 hour camera system. This practice that aims maintaining security of living areas with highest technology, renders service inside and outside the housing estate. In order to maintain comfort and pleasant times inside home at Elite City, in house security details have also been though about in full detail. With communication system having high image quality, controllable security is provided to you. You can see who are your guests via intercom system, you may watch your children at play areas, swimming pools and at other social areas. With aesthetical and secured wall around the housing estate, connections with general areas are secured. In Elite City project, highest quality is intended also regarding the sound and heat insulation by not using tunnel concrete moulding. Uninterrupted energy practice exists at common areas of Elite City project.

Ceramic is being used as siding. It was aimed to keep exterior maintenance at Elite City at a low cost with ceramic cleaning itself. The Project will be fulfilled with conventional moulding system resistant to moulding and it was designed with pile raft foundation and wall column system. 

Within Elite City there are also;


Bicycle track,

Tennis court,

Basketball court,

Swimming pool,

Children play areas,

Elite bazaar,

Recreation areas - Color gardens,

Indoor social facility (Indoor swimming pool, fitness, sauna, steam room),


Ornamental pool,

Walking track...

For detailed information about Elite City www.elitecity.com.tr .



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