Emlak Konut


Completed Project


The project process that is designed at Başakşehir district that is being one of the most crucial extension areas of Istanbul, in Kayabaşı Street 458-20 parcel, has been started in May 2014 along with a national project competition under titled “ 7 Climates 7 Regions From Tradition to the Future” associated with TOKİ and Emlak Konut. In the project that has been considered according to the multilayered design approach, as well was by the using the physical conditions correctly, a design that will create a genuine social environment within itself has been aimed to create. The position of the blocks that are in total 11 blocks and have 2 different plan typology ( positioned vertically to A-slope and in parellel to the B-slope), by utilizing from garden area in maximum level, each flats front on to the inner courts that are made in the middle or land, to the green areas. The project makes difference with its courtyards that are mounted on the elevations, semi open and closed areas, playgrounds, walking trails, reflecting pools, climbing walls, light towers and meeting places that will support the neighbourhood relations. The most important purpose of the crossings that are in the height of two floors is strengthening the connection of the road that is around the project with courtyard and ensuring the access to the courtyards from each points of the project. This crossings that are designed functional are showing an enriched architectural approach by ensuring the varied perspectives in the crossings to the courtyards on the same time. In the project that become different comparing other projects because of its permeable and porous architectural structure, each designing element is creating more liveable, comfortable and joyous places. One of the project details that each of them are designed is water elements that create micro-climate effect that circulates throughout the courtyard and contain water games. Water element in open areas is designed as leisure center; in the closed area that is connected with courtyards can be formed into covered swimming pool. Along with covered swimming pool, the fitness center, sauna, bathhouse and other sport areas will be at service to the dwellers in the site during the year. The flat blocks that are constituting the closed areas which are harmonically adopted with open areas are designed as far as possible as being low-rise on human scale. By creating the different floor plans and flat plans, meeting all kind of needs of users have been aimed. As well as 2+1, 3+1 , 4+1 and duplex choices , by creating garden terrace, roof terrace, open and covered balcony alternatives, the spatial choices have been given to the each user as well. Neighborhood and street life habits are aimed by balconies and exhedras and facade circumstances into varied locations are ensured by the distribution of different flat options within the frame of plan. By planning of the flats on every floor differently, coming together of varied family structures on the same floor have been made possible. One of the most crucial approaches will be adopting the living spaces of people as being their own home as well. Indoor places are designed in sufficient size and comfort. The flats are planned according to the all needs of Turkish type of family and have modern quality and in a way to meet the needs of the day. All residences that are built by its typology, have been designed according to the needs in wide range and in a way to meet. As it can be seen in the types of flat, the places are designed in such a way that no loss of place. Each residences have been equipped with two bathrooms( one of this will be parent’s bathroom), laundering niche, a large balcony that is linked to kitchen and living, a comfortably spacious and large living area and large bedrooms. There are sufficient storages and technical areas at basement floors for each flat of blocks that are planned in different elevations. Also, open and closed parkings with easy entering and exits have been planned in such a way that to meet of the vehicles of site owners and visitors. All parking areas are connected to the living areas by the help of an elevator or stair directly to the related block. Another aspect of the project is having ramps and elevators in order to use by elders, women with babies and disabled people to reach each point easily even though the site is located on quite sloping land. Thus, all accessing problems are solved and an integrated and accessible design from all points has been created in this project. Our project that is designed for all details in order to being priority by user will provide joyous and peaceful life to new owners with its physical and social areas. PROJECT PROPERTIES • Raft footing groundwork • Designing and building earthquake resistance building • Playgrounds, recreational areas and walking-tracks • Green-fields throughout the project • Social Facility (Covered Swimming Pool, Fitness Center, sauna, public bath) • Planned landscaping and automatic sprinkler system • In the specified number of elevators in blocks • Accessing to the floors from parking through elevators · Jacketing heat insulation • Generator system that can supply 100% redundant power in all common spaces • Environmental luminance throughout the site • Centralised satellite tv ( SMATV ) broadcast system • Digital addressed fire detection and warning system in compliance with the relavant regulation • Emergency announcement sound system in the blocks and parkings that are specified in its project • Intercom system in colour image • 249 closed and 40 open parkings • Security access controlled entry system at site gate • 7/24 monitoring and environmental security system(CCTV) with recording feature closed circuit throughout the site • Sprinkler fire extinction system at closed parkings • Exhaust ventilation system at closed parkings • Heat and sound insulation at independent sections • Central heating and hot water production heat station (sup-station) system • Solar panels at roofs in order to reduce the energy costs of common spaces Emlat Konut Başakşehir Residences 2. Stage in total area of 62.745,14 m2 that are designed in the direction of this criteria are comprised from 1 piece 1+1, 107 pieces 2+1, 2 pieces 2+1 duplex, 114 pieces 3+1, 47 pieces 4+1 so in total 271 residences.

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