Emlak Konut


Completed Project


In the project that will be implemented as stages on the basis of island in Kayabaşı Masterplan and afterwards, a green concept creating center of attraction in a rural area, respectful for environment and for nature has been adopted. Considering environmental data, it is located on a land where dynamic landscape is dominated topographically, a wide range of recreation potential on the west and social facilities and other campuses on the east. East-west axis creates commercial backbone and connects other campuses to the recreation. During this connection depicts such functions around like commercial, office, squares. With this backbone, a secondary green axis intersecting north-south in the form of steep and arrow is available. This axis contains daily needs of the surrounding islands, commerce, social facilities and green spaces. Around the two main axes / backbone divided into various sizes; semi-private public spaces, residential island located in the inner courtyard and trade areas have been created.


Given the challenges of topography, ground their relationship with building blocks are important. To conform to the topography, the most optimal way of both cost and availability in a case of axes / tilt and geometry has been edited by teams specializing in transportation. These islands surrounded by the road network located in accordance with both the surrounded roads and the natural elevation of the land so measures have been taken against unnecessary supporting walls, the basic and unusable spaces.


Transport network, the master plan of the area around the vehicle, suitable for heavy vehicles and public transport sections and is convenient for the planned networks in the field of motor vehicles and public transport. Also continuous access to every aspect for the users has been designed as a multilayer with wide sidewalks, bicycle paths and pedestrian inter-island links. From Internal access roads and the main backbone of axis as direct / continuous access to all the building blocks are possible. An urban hierarchy is considered in it structure of the islands around the perimeter wall, fence or off the island with the relationship completely to be trimmed, instead of offsite (gated-community) logic, rather than a more open, transparent, socialist, urban axis, park, public space and social space concepts such as communicating with each other will occur in it. Thus from all pedestrianized roads, driveway and sub-components comply with the topography to building blocks, offices, residences and commercial units direct access is provided. There is a landmark at the intersection of the main axes and destinations of them. This is a high-rise office building, a mosque and is a cultural facility. It opens to the main recreation area in the east-west axis backbone. LandMark structures collected in and around the square creating effective perspective views create the heart of the master plan.


All building blocks, placed in a position to enclose the building islands, so a large open area is obtained in the middle of the island. This open space is considered as a green space and as public areas as well as it allows building blocks to create a city wall with one another. Thanks to this city wall the roads and streets are more clearly defined, the users do not feel uncanny and insecure open space feeling. Both public green space in the middle of the island and the streets are surrounded by building blocks, a more dynamic urban style is formed. The continuity comes from this arrangement of the building blocks and tissues makes the city defined and axes can be excavated to the memories to form urban memories. In order to ensure recycling of household waste formed in houses and to gain them to economy projects waste recycling system will be installed in the specified blocks. The system is to be run automatically and it will provide 4 + 1 options (household waste, metal, plastic, glass or paper and waste oil) to the users. Access to the system will be done through the shaft covers left on the floors and waste will be collected in a container in a center. As a result of the evaluation of waste a significant source of additional income to the site administrator will be created. Providing at least about 85% gain, transformation is provided with the decomposition in resources.


In order to integrate environmental sensitivity and today's technology to our projects, specified number of electric vehicle charging units will be placed to indoor parking. Encouragement of the use of electric vehicles with charging unit will be contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.


In accordance with the compulsory Energy Performance of Buildings Directive "Energy Performance Certificate" form will be created and this document will be filled and approved to the authorized foundations and organizations.


Also, in order to prevent waste oil to mix in sewer and to avoid environmental pollution, of our whole block's kitchen grease trap after passing through the center line of the sewer connection will be provided.


Project’s Features


• Earthquake-resistant construction with raft foundation basic and tunnel formwork system 

• Children's play areas, recreation areas and hiking trails 

85% green space throughout the project 


Planned landscaping and automatic irrigation system 

Specified number of elevators in the blocks

Access to floors from parking with elevator 

Indoor and outdoor parking 


525/1 525/2 526/2 526/3 Toplam 

Indoor parking 286 1018 398 517 2219 

Outdoor parking 218 110 188 - 516 


• Sheathing thermal insulation 

• Generator system with capacity to provide 100% back-up power to all common areas and apartments. 

• Site-wide; environmental lighting 

• Central satellite TV (SMATV) broadcasting system 

• Digital addressable fire detection and alarm system 

• Emergency notification sound system in the specified parking lots and blocks 

• Color video intercom system 

• Security access control system in site entrance 

• Site-wide closed-circuit perimeter security (CCTV) system with 24/7 hour monitoring and recording feature. 

• Sprinkler fire extinguishing system in the covered parking 

• Smoke exhaust ventilation system in the covered parking 

• Sprinklers smoke exhaust, pressurization system in high-rise blocks 

• Heat and sound insulation in individual sections 

• Central heating and hot water production heat station (sup-station) system

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