Emlak Konut


Completed Project


At Mavişehir, a totally new jolly, lively, peaceful city, consonant with the texture of İzmir, is being constructed.

Pelikan Sitesiconsists of 536 apartments in 12 blocks limited with five and six storeys giving particular importance to earthquake safety on approximately 60.000 square meters.

In Pelikan Sitesi, offering its users alternatives and spaces suitable for any life style by going beyond standart apartment templates, there are any type of architectural solution from 1+1 studio type houses to 2+1 terraced houses, from 3+1 family type houses to 4+1 duplex houses with gallery.

In Pelikan Sitesi, having a perfect architectural concept with 2 air conditioners and kitchens with ready to move embedded appliances in each apartment, a totally new life is starting for İzmir residents.

Sports and social life centers,

Basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, football fields,

Outdoor swimming pools,

Car parkings,

Landscape and environment planning,

24 hour security...

Tel : +90 232 324 40 16

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