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Completed Project


Ergene Vadisi, is a model project that can offer contemporary architecture, quality, luxuriousness, health, safety, happiness, comfort and peace in the same valley, beyond the features sought in a housing project.


The project, which is being performed on a total land of 68.000 square meters is the biggest housing project of Thrace. Within the project, there are total 1296 apartments with alternatives changing from 59 m² to 176 m², in 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1 types and also 76 commercial units.


The buildings at Ergene Vadisi were produced using the ground survey report and projects approved by Istanbul Technical University, employing the state of the art technology of the times and with raft foundation tunnel moulding system.


A project where you will proud of the beauty of the place you live… Architectural style and concord of Ergene Vadisi make its presence felt from the entrance of the housing estate to the smallest corner of your apartment. Places designed by experts in their subjects offer many details together that will make you feel you are in a cosy, privileged and pleasant environment.


Ergene Vadisi is not only privileged but it also brings you other privileges: It brings shopping at your elbow with 76 store units in 6 separate units including elite brands. It is also too close to important centers such as Carrefour, Migros, Orion and Kipa.


Modern elementary school that will be presented you within the scope of the project, indoor sports hall adjacent to the housing estate that will be constructed by TOKİ, outdoor sports complexes, culture park, health facility units and green spaces brings everything you may need at your elbow.


In Ergene Vadisi, 83% of the project area is designated to green, water and socila life areas.


There are also;


Sports, swimming, walking and special bicycle roads, cafe, vitamin bar, Turkish bath, fitness and sauna,

24 hour control system with camera at the entries, exits of the housing estate and at the common spaces,

Opportunity of connection with the security team by virtue of intercom system with camera,

Indoor – outdoor and storey access car parkings,

An aesthetical and illuminated security wall around the housing estate, which does not isolate from the outside life, makes residents "special" and increases their security.

Special sound isolation will be applied between the storeys.

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