Emlak Konut


Completed Project


The 56,841.92 m2 project site within the borders of Istanbul’s Esenler District, Havaalanı Quarter is designated as Urban Transformation Area within the scope of Law No. 6306 on Transformation of Areas under Disaster Risks. The project is prepared in accordance with the criteria set forth in the contract signed between the Municipality and the Beneficiaries and accordingly divided into 2 chapters as Beneficiaries and Finance. A total of 2373 houses and 55 commercial units are planned within the scope of the project. 1403 houses and 32 commercial units are allocated for the beneficiaries, while 970 houses and 23 commercial units are offered for sale.

A commercial axis that physically separates the Beneficiary from the Finance part is created within the scope of the project. The aim with this axis is to maintain such a lifestyle as in a neighborhood within the commercial unit - planned independently from the houses - at road facades and road elevations of the blocks facing the axis. Commercial units together with houses within the project are designed in a way to meet the daily requirements of the people living around. The roads and streets are clearly defined since the blocks are located around the square; further, elevations are used to form inner courts to be bordered by the blocks. The courts are designed to include landscape, playgrounds, walkways, as well as sitting and resting areas. There are parking garages at the bottom elevations of the courts. Waste recycling systems are planned to be incorporated in the blocks with the purpose of recycling domestic wastes in the houses and thus providing economic savings.


Project Specifications


          Earthquake-resistant construction with raft foundation 

          Playgrounds, resting areas and walking-tracks 

          Project-wide green areas 

          Planned landscape and automatic irrigation system 

          Elevators in the blocks as many as identified in their projects 

          Access from the parking garage to floors with elevators 

          Jacketing heat insulation 

          Generator system capable of generating 100% power for all common areas as well as apartments in case of emergency

          Site-wide environmental lightening 

          Central satellite TV (SMATV ) broadcast system 

          Fire detection and warning system based on the digital address in accordance with the legislation

          Audible emergency alarm systems in blocks and parking garages as identified in their projects 

          Intercom system with color image

•          Indoor and outdoor parking

•          Security controlled entrance system at the site’s main entrance

          Site-wide closed circuit security system (CCTV) with 7/24 hours of surveillance and recording 

          Fire sprinkler system at parking garages 

          Smoke exhaust air conditioning system at parking garages 

          Sprinkler, smoke exhaust, pressuring system in high-rise blocks 

          Heat and sound insulation at independent units

          Central heating and hot water provision, heat station (sup-station) system 

          Proximity to commercial and reinforcement sites 

          Solar panels on roofs in order to reduce energy costs of common areas 


Project Images :