Emlak Konut


Completed Project


 The Project at Mimar Sinan town of Büyükçekmece, district of İstanbul in the ascendant, is at 1.5 km distance to E5 road, at the side of the sea.

KentPlus Mimar Sinan project, consisting of 660 apartments in 19 blocks, which will spread over a total area of 42.000 square meters of which 10.000 square meters are for buildings and 32.000 meters are for social facilities and landscaping, is opening the doors of a totally new world.

KentPlus Mimar Sinan, apartment alternatives with different sizes according to every demand and having sea scenery are being offered. KentPlus Mimar Sinan, in which there are 120 1+1 apartments, 60 2+1 apartments, 160 4+1 apartments and 320 3+1 apartments is waiting for its residents.


Shopping Centers,

Social facilities,

Cafes and restaurants,

Sports areas,

Running and walking tracks,

Shopping Mall,

24 hour security,

Professional housing estate management...

Tel : +90 212 864 40 45

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