Emlak Konut


Completed Project


The project Körfezkent 3, located in the department of İzmit Körfez, is being built in the neighbouring plots to Körfezkent 1 and 2 projects, yet built by Emlak Konut. With the mosque, primary and secondary schools as well as commercial units built under the Körfezkent projects, this project appears to us as complete and elitist that will meet all needs. The Körfezkent 3 Project installed on two plots has a view of the Gulf of İzmit. In this project, an important place is devoted to landscaped areas, other social facilities draws our attention as the children's parks, sports grounds, areas for picnics and recreation, walking paths, basins, exterior and interior parking. The wide choice, according to your taste, also appears on the types of apartments of Körfezkent 3. This project consists in 24 residences, two commercial units, 776 apartments; there are also 11 commercial units from 32 to 199 m²

Apartment types are design to respond to every need with options.

20 apartments 1+1 between 45 m² and 54 m²

297 apartments 2+1 between 97 m² and 123 m²

402 apartments 3+1 between 120 m² and 150 m²

57 apartments 4+1 between 162 m² and 168 m²

The characteristic of Körfezkent 3 project:


24-hour security,

Indoor and outdoor parking,

Social facility,

Sports fields,

Children Playground,

Walking paths,

Rest and picnic areas,


Project Images :