Emlak Konut


Completed Project


A life with a terrace and a garden together with nature in Köy Zekeriyaköy

Within the scope of our Zekeriyaköy project, there are 215 flats and 70 villas in total, 285 of which are independen, Although there are 110 blocks in the project, the apartment blocks are B + Z + 1 floor. Flat types are 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 duplex. Flat floor height is 3.20 m, clean floor (from floor to ceiling) height is 2.81m.

The total number of parking lots in the project is 369 and there are 48,935 m2 landscaping area. While there is a garage space in the villa in blocks A and C, in blocks B and D, a parking lot for 2 cars per villa is allocated. 1 + 1, 2 + 1 apartments have 1 vehicle, and 3 + 1 duplexes have 2 vehicle places. Each villa has its allotted garden area. There are 3 secure entrance-exit areas on the site.