Emlak Konut


Completed Project



Maslak 1453 is formed by 24 towers in 3 different styles as A,B and C. In towers, there are condos of 4,147 units with height ranging from 3.25 meters to 3.5 meters. For each of the tower, there is a reception section and security desk to provide you comfort. You will be in the middle of life by getting connected with towers directly and by being able to go down parking lot directly with elevators. As condos have relatively wide and roomy design plans, a unique way of life will be provided to users.



There is a direct connection from 642 units of terraced houses to Avenue 1453 which may provide time saving and better opportunity to justify your personal needs. Terraced Houses were designed to have a direct connection with elevators and parking lot. For every terraced house, there is a private reception which will make you feel more special. Terraced houses were located on a total green land and looking towards nature view.



There are 175 units of offices in Maslak 1453 project by Agaoglu ranging from 60 square meters to 800 square meters with enlightened spaces. As it is same as in condos, there is an easy access from offices to Avenue 1453 and offices have their own parking lots detached from condos. Offices were designed with maximum level of options to use to fulfil your needs including spaces for depot and extra rooms for stocks.



Cafes and restaurants which were located on 5.000 m² open area, will provide you an opportunity to taste different tastes from different countries on world. In cafes and restaurants which were designed to fulfil different tastes, you may enjoy your unforgettable moments. Once you get out of your residence or office, cafes and restaurants with worldwide delicious tastes shall be awaiting you.



Two different squares with a land of 12,000 m² and 28,000 m² will make you feel that you are in the middle of life. In square that would be new entertainment spots of Istanbul, there would be exclusive shops, retailers and many different activities that would make you forget how time passes.



Maslak 1453 project by Agaoglu is a Gold Certificate Nominee which is the highest ranking for LEED Certificate, one of the most precious award for environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. LEED Certificate provided by U.S. Green Building Certification İnstitute (U.S. GBCI) after evaluation of certain sustainable design criteria during building phase for new construction project or for a renovation phase of a building, is given to award environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. LEED Green Building Rating System, which defines healthier, more environmental friendly buildings with high performance having relatively more economical and profit generating budgets with respect to classical buildings, provides a standard for building owners and administrators in sustainable environmental friendly building design, administration of these buildings and their maintenance



To create efficiency in resources, a trigeneration system will be set up to fulfill most of demand for hot water, cooling, heating and electricity. The system will work by natural gas and by using output heat which is formed during electricity generating procedure; cooling and heating systems are supported. Using this method, low cost energy is attained and as there is less carbon emission, it contributes to environmental protection. By the help of trigeneration system installed in Maslak 1453 İstanbul by Agaoglu, you will be able to use the energy more efficiently and have more clean environment.


AVENUE 1453 

The 1,453 meter long avenue located in Maslak 1453 by Ağaoğlu will fulfill all you need. Retailers located along the avenue as well as private boutiques, food restaurants, art galleries as well as two shopping arcades, one by the beginning and one in the end of avenue, having worldwide fancy brands shall be at your disposal. The traffic of Avenue 1453 was designed to simplify residents traffic problem by the help of its outbound road connections. Thanks to this advantage, residents will have an opportunity to go for shopping easily and enjoy their free time. Besides, throughout the project, access to home or offices were designed as not to be interfered by traffic caused by shoppers or visitors.



Fashion Center located in Maslak 1453 by Agaoglu will welcome glamorous fashion shows and you will eyewitness them. In addition to fancy boutiques by famous designers, there will be ateliers and boutiques for young talents. The biggest fashion center of Turkey and fashion show area shall be at Maslak 1453 İstanbul by Agaoglu in order to create a new attraction point in fashion and to find out new inspirations from young talents of fashion.



Theatres were equipped with most advanced technology in order to host international actors. There is also an amphitheatre for open-air shows as well as a special are for kids shows.


For detailed information on Maslak 1453 by Agaoglu , you may go through www.maslak1453.com

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