Emlak Konut


Completed Project


At İzmir Mavişehir, a totally new settlement area is coming into existence, that meets the requirements of modern age with life opportunities it offers.

The Project named Mavişehir Modern, which is performed by Gergül İnşaat, which develops projects with its understanding rising the life quality and keeping at the forefront the security, durability, environmentalism and comfort, considering every detail from landscape to roof, promises you more than a house, a living space where comfort of the city can be lived nested with nature.

In Mavişehir Modern, where quality and modern architecture meet, creating modern, healthy livable, indoor and outdoor spaces grounded on human and beyond standards, it contributes contemporary urbanism beyond housing need.

Mavişehir Modern is located at Mavişehir, a favorite region open to improvement of İzmir, close to İzmir Periphery Road and metro station and in walking distance to activity and shopping centers. With its position in the city but free from noise and chaos, its planned substructure and security fittings, Mavişehir Modern provides offers more than a new home.

Within this project, which was designed as 80% green space and outdoor and indoor social areas, in the scope of housing development of TOKİ subsidiary Emlak Konut GYO, there are walking and running tracks, sports areas, outdoor swimming pools, ornamental pool and children play areas. Mavişehir Modern is constituting a new life space within a security controlled closed housing estate structure, with its modern architecture giving special importance to the comfort and functionality, functional indoor solutions, four seasons living landscape, earthquake resistant structure and outstanding construction quality.

In Mavişehir Modern, consisting of 316 apartments in total 10 blocks as ground floor+6, ground floor+8, ground floor+9 on a land of 20 955 m², 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 apartments between 75 m² and 234 m² offer choices for different life styles.

In Mavişehir Modern, where a wide recreation atrium is created in the center of the land by positioning the blocks on the periphery of the land, in which social areas integrate with green and water elements, pleasant indoor and outdoor living spaces are being created by making the sea breeze pass from this inner atrium where wide balconies designed in conformity with the climate of İzmir faces, ensuring the apartments take this unique wind in. While wide window openings ensure all apartments meet with day light, housing residents are ensured to live to the full both beauty of outside and the green of unique garden surrounding the blocks.

Mavişehir Modern, whose foundation system and ground improvement have been made by Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Depatment of Geotechnics and Earthquake Research and Application Center, pursuant to earthquake regulation, offer security to its users with the comfort of housing estate structure.

  • Outdoor swimming pool,
  • Open and semi-closed sun terraces,
  • Basketball court,
  • Running and walking track,
  • Ornamental pools and garden groups,
  • Outdoor sports areas,
  • Children play areas,
  • Parking lot,
  • Control network with camera within the housing estate,
  • Video intercom system connected with housing estate and block entrances,
  • Shelters,
  • Generator system,
  • 24 hour security...

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