Emlak Konut


Completed Project


My Town Ispartakule, which we began to sell in Ispartakule, was redesigned in the light of expectations drawn from a survey made with 30 thousand people who want to buy house just "to dwell in". With its innovative and different architecture, indoor design offering luxury and comfort together, and with its scenery dominating the Küçükçekmece Lake, My Town project led the way before it was initiated and performed a survey with 30.000 people for the sake of determining the expectations of those desiring to owns a house. Participators, who told the house of their dreams, shaped My Town Ispartakule with their answers.

Our people, who always deserve the best, shaped My Town.

My Town Ispartakule consists of 583 houses. In My Town Ispartakule, there are 136 1+1 apartments, 179 2+1, 220 3+1 and 48 4+1 apartments. In My Town Ispartakulee where a parking garage with approximately 600 cars capacity takes place, also My Club offering social and sportive activities will take place.

While moving of residential areas to different points cause emergence of new life centers, Ispartakule, which was in the ascendant recently, is drawing attention with its modern structure and social opportunities. The territory is 10 kms from Mahmutbey toll booths and 17 kms to Atatürk Airport. Bakirköy coast connection is 20 kms away and Taksim is 24 kms away. The trade and fair centers in the territory and Bahçeşehir and İstanbul Universities contributes remarkably the development in terms of education and culture and increasing investments are accelerating this development.

Avcılar and Bakırköy sea bus ferry quays, Hezarfen Airport and Basın Ekspres Yolu make the region have a big advantage also in terms of transportation. This advantage also brings together the easiness of reducing road transportation to centers like Mecidiyeköy, Levent and Maslak only to 30 minutes.

In My TowerlandProject, the apartments will be delivered to their owners on June 2012.


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