Emlak Konut


Completed Project


My World Ataşehir, is "mega" project, rising on the biggest area of West Ataşehir, symbolizing the initiation of big transformation in Ağaoğlu.

My World Ataşehir symbolizes the advanced stage the "Life Architecture" mission of Ağaoğlu, which established life spaces exceeding 1 million square meters up to now, was arrived at.

My World Ataşehir is a world, of which architectural concept has been perfectly designed, and whose technological substructure and security equipment has been established robustly.

The buildings constituting My World Ataşehir have been shaped using circle, rectangle, square and triangle forms. It was aimed to get rid of monotony by sidling a number of buildings in different forms at each housing estate.

My World Ataşehir, which consists of Southside, Starland, Equinox, Suncity, Moontown, Diamond, Highpark and Andromeda Residence, a residence project in which unlimited services are offered, is a world as wide as your dreams in which you cannot restrain from feeling like in another world, together with opening of MyClub'World', which is one of the biggest and comprehensive city clubs of Europe.

My World Ataşehir with figures;

  • Net 1.000.000 m² total life space,
  • Net 32 thousands m² building area,
  • Net 154 thousands m² natural life space,
  • Total 34 blocks in 8 neighbourhoods,
  • 9 different building type,
  • Total 3.636 apartments,
  • 21 different apartment alternatives from 67 m² to 461 m²

and these are what MY WORLD world offers you;

  • Privileged membership of MyClub'World, www.benimkulubum.com,
  • Outdoor-indoor swimming pools,
  • Children parks,
  • Walking tracks,
  • Botanic gardens,
  • Tennis and basketball courts,
  • Meeting halls,
  • Indoor car parks,
  • Security,
  • Entertainment and Shopping Center...

Project Images :