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Ağaoğlu is carrying the huge project My World it brought in Ataşehir, to Europe by improving even more. My World Europe, which will be constructed on a land of about 200 decares at Başakşehir-Ayazma adjacent to Atatürk Olympic Stadium, was designed to meet quality housing need of the territory and to response all requirements of the mass likely to buy houses for living and investment. With My World Europe, which provides a golden transportation facility to all workplaces, industrial and residential places of the region with its frontage to TEM highway and with its Metro connection, Ağaoğlu is offering all features that can be expected from a house, the quality and the prestige, with almost impossible prices and payment terms.

My World Europe consists of total 3060 apartments in 17 blocks, in 3 different types named as Golf Residences, Arena Residences and Pool Residences. Pool Residences consists of 768 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 apartments in 6 blocks with 32 storeys and these blocks are positioned around a huge outdoor swimming pool 130 meters in length. This outdoor swimming pool, which was made more entertaining with water slides, will be one of the attraction centers where all My World Europe residents can rest and entertain.

Arena Residences, consists of 1402 apartments in 6 blocks located around square as face to face 3 adjacent blocks at each side. Number of storey in these blocks with a very dynamic and characteristic architecture, vary between 17 and 25. While 1+1 and 2+1 apartments take place at normal storeys of these blocks, at the terrace storeys, there are 3+1 apartments each having magnificent private terraces. The square giving their names to the blocks will completely be a life space. 47 stores positioned around a public square will both constitute the center of the social life of the project and also will response all shopping needs of the residents with units such as cafe, restaurant, market. In Arena Residences, some of the apartments at the ground floor, there will also be opportunity of using private garden..

With outdoor football, basketball and volleyball courts which will take place throughout the project, playing and sport needs of My World Europe residents, the youngs and the kids and with special skateboarding track in the quare, the youngs will find the opportunity to compete and have fun with this popular activity. Within the project, there will be an indoor sports hall where sports enthusiasts can kip feet and a nursery for kids. The Anatolian High School, that will be built again by Ağaoğlu next to My World Europe will terminate the worries about education of the youngs.

Golf Residences, which is the third part of the project, consists of 890 apartments in 5 blocks. These 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 apartments are positioned adjacent to a drive range and a short tour golf course. In this part, there is a golf club, 2 separate outdoor swimming pools and again outdoor sports fields. In Golf Residence, all apartments have large storey gardens. My World Europe also hosts 20 villas planned as twin villas. Total areas of these 4+1 villas, which will have gross area of 230 m², becomes 286 m² with their gardens.

For all of the Golf, Arena and Pool Residences that will take place within My World Europe, a Call Center substructure and central 7/24 residence services will be given. Services such as technical service, concierge, personal assistant, discount shopping and reservation opportunity, moving and decoration, sale and renting, are intended to make the lives of residents easier.

One of the most important features of My World Europe Project is its being a project able to make cogeneration; namely, whole of the energy that will be consumed within the project will be provided from a natural gas cycle plant again within the Project and will be offered to the residents at discount prices. Hence, the project will meet independently the need for electricity. The importance that Ağaoğlu always attaches to the use of clean energy is gaining a new dimension with the opportunity of cogeneration within My World Europe .

My World Europe is a project which will bring an important prestige to the residents and investors with its technical and aesthetical features …

For detailed information about My World Europe www.myworld-europe.com


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