Emlak Konut


Completed Project




  • There are 3 types of housing blocks as A, B and C, in addition to D office block.
  • All housing blocks include:

- 1 type (1+1), with sizes ranging between 83.00 and 100.00 m², 5 units,

 -1 type (2+1), with sizes ranging between 120.00 and 122.00 m², 35 units,

- 4 types (3+1), with sizes ranging between 151.00 and 178.00 m², 168 units,

- 3 types (4+1), with sizes ranging between 194.00 and 210.00 m², 138 units,

equaling 346 apartments in total, as well as:

- 54 stores with sizes ranging between 29.00 and 917.00 m²,

- 20 offices with sizes ranging between 134.00 and 172.00 m²,

equaling 74 trade units in total.

. The total number of independent sections is 420.

  •  Façades are covered with indigenous natural stones in two different colors.
  •  External units of air conditioners are hidden with separators suitable for façades.
  •  Certain kitchens and rooms feature winter gardens.
  •  Hallways are illuminated with natural lighting.
  •  There is an additional pedestrian entrance with security apart from the vehicle and pedestrian entrance.
  •  All street-facing blocks have trade units underneath.
  •  The Social Facility from which site residents can benefit includes:

- Indoor pool illuminated with skylight, allowing natural lighting,

- Separate fitness centers for women and men,

- Separate locker rooms and showers for women and men

  •  3 doorman apartments are designed to be transferred to the management.
  •  355 parking lots within the two-story closed parking garage have been designed to be directly connected to other buildings. In addition, these lots are detached from 66 office parking lots in the same parking garage. Together with 74 street parking lots serving to trade units, 495 parking lots have been designed in total.
  •  In addition to housing blocks with story heights ranging between 9 and 13, there is also a 6-story office block.
  •  A feel of brightness and commodiousness has been added to the buildings with laminated, tempered glass walls selected for safety of the residents.
  •  Washing machines’ places are determined in each flat type as part of the ateliers, equipped with built-in cupboards to ensure ease of use and arrangement.
  •  Bathtub is preferred for the general bathrooms.
  •  2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 apartments all feature en-suite bathrooms.
  •  Alla turca wc and extra toilets have been designed for all 3+1 and 4+1 apartments, apart from [n1] the general bathrooms and en-suite bathrooms.
  •  All the apartments are equipped with open and recessed balconies.
  •  Each block has at least two lifts with advanced technology and elegant design.
  •  Designed as a second square welcoming everyone upon entering Nevşehir, D (office) Block’s front yard is a meeting and waiting area.  



  •  Earthquake resistant buildings have been designed in accordance with the current regulations and standards.
  •  Extra soil improvement has been carried out by bored pile method.
  •  8 cm fireproof rockwool jacketing will be used on façades in accordance with the Fire Code.
  •  Heat and sound insulation will be carried out on floor furnishings and party walls of the apartments.


  • Flat thermal stations (substation ) system
  •  Multi-layer silent pipes in plumbing
  •  Copper pipe infrastructure in air conditioner installations of the apartments
  •  Garden irrigation system through recycled water from the grey water system
  •  Block based central grease separator system
  •  Jet ventilator system in parking areas
  •  Indoor pool in the social facility
  •  Block based garbage shaft at floors




  •  Security is assured through a security cabin, barriers, CCTV and Perimeter Security System.
  •  Inter-island Infrastructure Installations:

- Lightning protection with Lightning Rod Installation

- 100% reserved energy with generators in common spaces and trade units

- Power saving with decorative led illumination in street lighting

  •  Interior electrical wiring:

- LED armatures with motion sensors in corridors, service/fire-escape stairs and hallways, block entrances and parking areas.

- Voice and video communication between the apartments, block entrances, and site entrance gate through the color image Intercom System.

  •  Fire detectors available in common spaces as well as in doorways and kitchens inside the apartments
  •  Electric vehicle charging system will be installed in parking garages.
  •  Heat cost allocators available in all apartments
  •  Central satellite TV (SMATV) System
  •  CO2[n2]  sensing system in parking garages to measure the level of CO2
  •  Energy need met in common areas through solar power generation by fotovoltaic panels  



  •  70% of the parcel area designed as greenery and botanical landscape
  •  2 playgrounds
  •  4 decorative pools, 2 of which located in interior landscaping area and the other 2 in front of the office block
  •  Sitting Sets
  •  Pergolas, Shade Sail Fixing Element
  •  Walking trails
  • Bushes and seasonal flowers of various colors are used in the areas thanks to landscaping works.
  •  Botanical irrigation will be carried out by Automated Irrigation System.
  •  A coppice with tall trees
  •  Large and plain green areas as a result of our efforts and design to keep the interior landscaping area at the same level.




  •  Quality, robustness and longevity are the fundamental attributions in materials to be used in construction of all works in the site list.
  •  LED spotlights on kitchen counters
  •  1,5 bowl sinks
  •  Frontal fan kitchen hood system
  •  Kitchen stove
  •  Kitchen built-in oven
  •  Bathroom acrylic solid stone bench
  •  Bahroom ceiling ventilation system
  •  Laminate flooring
  •  Ceramic flooring
  •  Laminated interior doors(1,5 doors in the living rooms)
  •  Wooden-like steel apartment entrance doors and illuminated apartment numbers
  •  Suspended ceilings inside and outside of apartments
  •  All faucets and flush tanks used in apartments are water-saving.
  •  Specially designed concept building entrances.

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