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Completed Project


Niğde Emlak Konut Housing Project


Located in the Cappadocia Region, Central Anatolia, Niğde is a very special city growing in the shadows of mountains and steppes which hosted many ancient cultures from 7,000 B.C. onwards. Emlak Konut’s Niğde Housing Project aims to make positive contributions to urban sustainability and city life with it’s a rational structure, simple architecture language, spatial richness and its relationship with the environment. It should be noted that these residential structures not only shape the face of the city but they also make a life definition for urban dwellers. Therefore, the decisions are important for layouts and mass ratios of structures, their relations with the ground, streets, and each other, the structure and open space balance, internal organization, the extent to which social reinforcement elements are supported, their relationship with the city center.


The constructions within Niğde Housing Project are positioned not to disrupt each other’s view on land sides maintaining the city alignment on the land geometry. The structures on this premises rise among walls avoiding ghettos that do not touch the city. Some of the commercial areas facing Atatürk Bulvarı make the ground available to urban dwellers. The premise makes an artful definition of public and private use. Housing blocks establish relations with the city in their façades overlooking the boulevards and streets, whereas they define their own quiet and private lifestyle in the vast internal space behind this line, the courtyard. This lifestyle offers various social and sports activities within a landscape.  The social facility is positioned with the help of land slope. It connects the two elevations of the premises aiming to meet its social, sports requirements and serve as a common activity area and meeting point. The social facility also includes an indoor pool, fitness center, and café.


The positioning, partition, and differentiation of constructions with the used materials on the layout plan line diversify their environmental perspectives and provide the homeowners with their special and beautiful homes that reinforce their sense of belonging. The housing areas have differing sizes and plan designs such as 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 offering different options for their users. The project includes outdoor and indoor parking lots.


  Construction (Static-Reinforced Concrete)

·         The building was designed in an earthquake-resistant fashion in line with the current regulations and standards.

·         The external wall will feature an 8-cm insulation with fireproof rock wool.

·         Thermal and acoustic insulation will be made on floor tiles and common apartment walls.



·         Security cabin, barriers, CCTV and environmental security system is ensured.

·         Interisland infrastructure installations;

·         Lightning protection and conductor installation

·         100% energy backup in all common areas and commercial units thanks to generators

·         Power savings in environmental lighting with decorative led lighting

·         Indoor electrical installations;

·         Floor corridors, service-fire escapes, and halls, motion-sensor LED luminaires were used in block entrances and parking lot.

·         Audio and video communication are possible between apartments, block entrances, and housing estate entrance thanks to the color intercom system.

·         Common areas, apartment entrance, and kitchen are equipped with fire detectors.

·         Electric vehicle charging systems will be installed in indoor parking lots.

·         Apartments have heat cost allocator.

·         Central satellite TV (SMART TV) system is available.

·         A CO detection system is in place to measure the CO levels in parking lots.

·         Photovoltaic panels produce electricity from solar energy and meet the energy requirements of common areas.



·         Natural gas cascade boilers offer heating to the apartments.

·         A panel radiator is installed in apartment spaces identified in the project whereas towel warmer radiators provide heating in the bathrooms.

·         Modular stainless steel water tanks and a frequency inverter package-type booster groups are used in individual blocks.

·         A clean water system is used in individuals blocks.

·         The running hot water within the apartments is provided with the heating station (substation).

·         Calorimeters will be installed in the apartments to measure heating costs and individual uses in the apartments.

·         We preferred self-heating and insulated pipes in waste water installations that also contain mineral additives.

·         We will install oil separators at blocks that will separate domestic oil in kitchen wastes.

·         Housing blocks’ living rooms (living rooms and parent bedrooms at the apartments with 4+1 or more rooms) will feature a copper tube, signal cables, and drainage infrastructure.

·         The bathroom ventilation in the apartments will be ensured with fans that can be installed on walls or ceilings.

·         The apartments will feature installed embedded oven, cooker, and hood.

·         The apartments have the natural gas infrastructure for kitchen cookers.

·         Wastewater will be treated with a gray water treatment system and used in landscape irrigation.

·         The floor halls in the blocks feature garbage shafts.

·         A sprinkler system will be used in the common areas of basement floors and parking lots under the fire regulation while the floor halls will feature fire cabinets with fire hoses and extinguishers.

·         A jet fan system will be used to ventilate the indoor parking lots.

·         Social facilities feature an indoor swimming pool.



·         70 percent of the area is covered with green areas and herbal landscape.

·         Playground,

·         Ornamental Pool,

·         Sitting Elements,

·         Pergolas, Covering element

·         Walking trails.

·         Plants will be irrigated through the automatic irrigation system.

·         Interior landscape area is designed at the same level creating wide and flat areas.


Interior Architecture

·         Quality, robustness, and longevity are essential elements in all the materials to be used in works covered in the site list.

·         LED spot lighting over the counter

·         The kitchen has a 1.5-compartment sink

·         The fan hood system with frontal opening

·         Batch acrylic solid stand

·         Laminated parquet flooring

·         Ceramic floor covering

·         Laminated apartment doors

·         Steel apartment entrance door

·         Suspended ceilings within and outside the apartments

·         Selection of water-efficient faucets and tanks within the apartments

·         Specially designed concept building entries

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