Emlak Konut


Completed Project


Built by a joint venture of Başyapı, Güney, and Elitvizyon, with Emlak Konut’s guarantee, Ofis Karat Bakırköy breathes new life into Bakırköy. Located on the plot formerly serving Bakırköy Maternity Hospital, on Istanbul Caddesi, very close to major arterial roads, Ofis Karat Bakırköy is ready to greet you with its 72 stores ranging from 70 square meters to 420 square meters and 18 stores ranging from 20 square meters to 400 square meters, rising up a total of six floors. Ofis Karat Bakırköy is easily accessible thanks to its convenient location, with no traffic or parking problems, and can address the needs of all employees. Beside enjoying the privilege of entering Ofis Karat Bakırköy from a grand and luxurious lobby, you and your clients will waste no time coming to or leaving the office thanks to a parking garage spread across four stories. With all these advantages, Ofis Karat Bakırköy not only opens the door to you for the right investment but also accompanies you on the path to success by valuing your time, which is your most precious asset, and extending the pleasure of winning to all areas.

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