Emlak Konut


Completed Project


Semt Bahçekent is located in Bahçekent, which is the developing face of Istanbul and new favorite district for investment. Rapidly developing with new projects, Bahçekent brings city life and nature to you with its location neighboring Bahçeşehir, TEM Highway, Istanbul Airport, 3rd Beltway and Hayat Park. While living a quiet and peaceful life in the city, you can easily reach every point of the city thanks to the location of this project. Semt Bahçekent opens its doors to a fresh and spacious life with its connection to the giant city park, Istanbul via access roads as well as the world via Istanbul Airport. Designed carefully with Emlak Konut’s assurances to the finest detail, Semt Bahçekent is a project worthy of its name with social premises, children’s playgrounds and green landscapes where the tranquil and peaceful effect of water is used.

Project Images :