Emlak Konut


Completed Project


Started to sale with “right in Bahçeşehir” motto, Spradon Vadi, becomes prominent with being the only project which is in the boundaries of Bahçeşehir.

While designing Spradon Vadi,architects followed an interesting road. The settlement plan of Vadi is just similar to Bahçeşehir where it is in. Bahçeşehir is a campus which has a regular structuring around a pond in the middle and social facilities. Accordingly, the architects of Spradon Vadi put the ponds and green lands in the middle by giving %80 of the building site to green lands. They made a Bahçeşehir within Bahçeşehir concept.

Spradon Vadiconsists of 7 blocks and 1037 houses on 42.000 m2 areas. Blocks are among the gap 9 or 30 storey. Types of flats are mainly 1+1 and 2+1. %80 of the project is designed as green land.

Spradon Vadi;

  • Open and closed swimming pools,
  • Sunbathing terraces,
  • Waterfalls,
  • Fitness center,
  • Sauna,
  • Turkish bath,
  • Kids’ game places,
  • Walking roads and parks,
  • 1 house accessing closed Auto Park for each flats,
  • Open guests’ auto park with 300 vehicles capacity for guests

And it will be a modern and elegant life center.



Project Images :