Emlak Konut


Completed Project


 Temaşehir Konya to be constructed by Turkey’s largest real estate investment trust Emlak Konut REIT at the heart of Meram - the most valuable region in Turkey’s Konya province - will offer all modern urban attractions at the same time with its 20 thousand square-meter square and the 42nd street designed around the square featuring stores, shops, restaurants, a mosque with modern design, a park area as well as a youth and culture center. Dreams will come true for everyone at Temaşehir, which will become the new center of Konya with a total of 740 units including 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1 and 6+1 apartment options coming in different sizes from 120 m² to 386 m² as well as 163 stores on the 42nd Street. All you need to do at Temaşehir Konya is to fulfill your dreams. Only dreams will embrace this square on an area of 20 thousand square meters located on a large project area of 60 thousand square meters with the 42nd Street offering stores, shops, restaurants, a mosque with modern design, a park and a youth and culture center. You will enjoy a unique shopping experience at Temaşehir Konya that will host world-renowned brands and prestigious Turkish brands. Everyone will enjoy their dreams to the fullest in this square which will become one of the most important centers of not only Konya, but also Anatolia. Konya city’s center Meram is located in a unique region that the famous explorer Evliya Çelebi frequently praised in his travel books. Featuring access roads to major provinces of Turkey - Ankara, Antalya, Mersin and Isparta -, this district with an incomparable beauty is the heart of Konya. Temaşehir Konya, which will be realized in ever-growing and developing Meram, is at a perfect location since it will be easily accessible for everyone with its close proximity to the Konya Metro and the High Speed Train (YHT) that are under project stage.

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