Emlak Konut


Completed Project


İstanbul University is preparing for a new and privileged project for its members. One of the favorite places of İstanbul with its closing to city and increasing prestigious house projects, in Ispartakule a new life is starting for the members of İstanbul University. Unikonut Ispartakule Houses presents a nature of life integrated with natural and cultural values by giving on the one hand “being a community feeling” about the institute it belongs to with its architecture, social and cultural facilities; on the other hand by meeting the user’s free and individual hopes.

Unikonut Ispartakuleis designed around a great middle garden presenting spatial and functional wellness for inhabitants. The facilities in the middle garden are wood, pond, open swimming pool, sport spaces, walking roads, botanic gardens and kids’ adventure spaces.

House units with their contents; roof garden, terrace, balcony and saloons and 3rd dimensioned spatial wellness’ leveled all towards panorama are all designed with warm and sincere architectural understanding. Moving to a multi-storey structure and towards landscape with gardens called as "sky villas" house types have been obtained by the approach of having garden, spatial comfort in an independent house and mentioned design approaches.

Variety in design presents choosing among different type and magnitude of houses (1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 and 5+1) for users. In the altitudes below the ground level, sufficient auto park spaces serving for house unit has been considered. Also the middle garden is dually surrounded with common closed social spaces located in the ground floors of the house groups. Social facilities will provide life wellness feeding life with day and night usage of the middle garden. Some of the facilities of middle garden are; closed swimming pool, sport and fitness spaces, shopping and market units, pocket cinemas, cafes and restaurants. Everything has been taken into consideration for your safety.

Everything has been thought blow-by-blow for you to have a safe life in Unikonut 1 Ispartakule in which the most quality construction materials were used.

  • Raft foundation
  • Earthquake curtain and with its curtain colon carrier it is suitable for earthquake and fire regulations
  • Controlled enter and exit
  • 24 hours camera security system
  • Video diaphone system
  • Active lightning conductor system
  • Steel circle main entrance door
  • Automatic controlled and static balanced vane central heating system
  • Generator
  • Fire and Gas Detectors

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