Emlak Konut


Completed Project


Yıldızkent, a safe and modern life space located at Kapaklı town of Çerkezköy district of Tekirdağ, is at 5 kms distance to the center of district, 25 kms to Çorlu and 110 kms to İstanbul.

Yıldızkent project was planned to be able to satisfy collective housing need of the territory, to create modern, livable spaces and to contribute contemporary urbanism at the territory. With the project, it was aimed to satisfy the housing need emerged with development of the industry at the territory, especially in recent years.

The project of Yıldızkent has been prepared as 3 steps on a 42. 644 square meters parcel area and consists of total 1160 houses and 1 elementary school with 24 classes.

200 of 476 houses in the 1st step are 2+1, and 276 are 3+1 apartments. In the 2nd step, there are total 348 houses, of which 60 are 1+1, 56 are 2+1 and 232 are 3+1 with two different types. 188 of the 336 houses at 3rd Step are 2+1 and 148 are 3+1 houses.

Yıldızkent, constructed with earthquake resistant raft foundation and tunnel moulding system, has an independent heating system.

  • Outdoor car park,
  • Sports fields,
  • Green areas,
  • Children play areas,
  • 24 hour security,
  • Refining plant...

Project Images :