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Dividend Payout Policy

Following is Article 30 of the Company's Articles of Association:

Articles of Association, Article 30: Dividend Payout

The Company observes profit distribution regulations under the Turkish Commercial Code and Capital Market Legislation.

The net profit, as stated in the annual balance sheet, is calculated by deducting the Company’s general expenses, various amortization considerations amounts that are required to be paid or set aside and the current payable taxes from the total profit assessed at the end of the fiscal year. After deducting the previous years’ losses, the net profit (if any) is distributed in the order listed below.

Primary legal reserve

a) Five percent of the balance sheet profit is set aside as primary legal reserves until the total reserve reaches 20 percent of the paid-in capital pursuant to Paragraph 1, Article 519 of the TCC.

First Dividend

b) Appropriated from the balance, in the amount and proportion as determined by CMB.

Second Dividend

c) Once the items in sub-paragraphs (a) and (b) are deducted from net profit, the General Assembly is authorized to distribute the remaining amount in part or as a whole as second dividend, leave it on the balance sheet as profit for the period, add it to legal or voluntary reserves, or reserve the balance as excess reserve fund.

Second legal reserve

d) Second legal reserve is set aside pursuant to Sub-paragraph (c), Paragraph 2, Article 519 of the TCC.

e) Unless the above-mentioned reserve funds and the first dividend are set aside, the decisions on reserving additional funds or carrying forward the profit to the following year cannot be made. Unless the first dividend is paid, the decision cannot be made to distribute profit shares to members of the Board of Directors, officers, employees, and workers.

f) Dividend advances may be distributed to shareholders pursuant to article 20 of the Capital Markets Law.

In accordance with CMB communiques and regulations, our Company may distribute up to 40 percent of the distributable net period profit (giving cash or bonus shares or both cash and bonus shares to a certain extent) calculated at year-end based on the profit share distribution proposal of the Board of Directors that is submitted to the General Assembly for approval. In doing so, the Company takes into account any negativity in the national and global economic conditions or factors such as the circumstances of the projects and funds on the agenda.