Emlak Konut

Corporate Governance Information Human Resources Policy

·         To employ, in the entire company, appropriate and competent staff pursuant to job descriptions,

·         To provide all personnel with an opportunity of training and improvement in accordance with their competence and skills,

·         To respect the character of employees, to oversee all their rights and interests,

·         To ensure a work environment which enhances working desire, to establish healthy human relations,

·         To orient the employees towards success, to provide training, knowledge and equivalent possibilities pursuant to competence, to award the successful persons,

·         To fill the vacant executive positions firstly with the employees duly trained within the company,

·         Not to employ too many personnel, to ensure maximum efficiency via tasks compliant with personnel knowledge and skills,

·         Within the frame of budget possibilities, to meet social and cultural requirements of personnel, to render the company an attractive work place by means of ensuring social services and welfare for entire staff,

·         To provide the competent and successful employees with a chance of promotion within the frame of positional possibilities, and to ensure job security,

·         To make sure that the staff is aware of issues involving him/her in due time, and to develop communication procedures and possibilities in order ensure easy communication of opinions and recommendations to the management,

·         To ensure personal development (career) opportunity for each employee via an effective training plan and schedule.

·         To keep the morale and motivation of all staff at the highest level.

·         To work for protecting and improving tangible and moral rights of personnel

·         To establish a work environment that will promote the working desire of personnel


·         To ensure that our employees work in team spirit and commitment to our corporate culture.