Emlak Konut

Values and Policies Integrated Policy



In order to carry the "Emlak Konut" brand, which has been formed as a result of the successful works we have done since our establishment, to the future times with a "We" oriented Corporate management approach, which acts with the awareness of being a family with our staff, in the light of our knowledge and experience;


-   To produce planned, qualified and environmentally conscious settlements with a modern urbanism understanding, with peaceful and safe places to live, under the brand assurance of "Emlak Konut".

-   To minimize waste and waste generation by encouraging savings in line with the principle of "Zero Waste".

-   To ensure more efficient use of resources and to turn to renewable resources in order to leave a livable environment and natural resources that can be used for our future generations.

-   To protect and observe the rights of all living things within the framework of national laws with the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights".

-   To approach customer feedback with a solution-oriented approach in line with customer satisfaction principles.

-   Considering social values and customers' preferences and expectations.

-   To have an understanding that gives importance to the historical and cultural values that are the legacy of the past.

-   As a company whose shares are publicly traded on Borsa Istanbul, to protect the material and moral rights of the shareholders and investors.

-   To provide safe and secure working environments for the employees under our control so that they can return home in good health and safety.

-   To follow the developments and innovations in the sector closely.

-   To comply with Integrated Management System standards and to continuously improve its effectiveness.