Emlak Konut

Values and Policies Personnel Policy



  • To employ suitable and talented personnel for the positions in need of personnel, within the framework of our Company's "Duties, Authority and Responsibility, Personnel and Discipline Regulation" and as required by the job descriptions.

  • To respect the personality of the personnel, to protect and develop their material and moral rights and interests.

  • To provide a working environment that improves the willingness and desire of the personnel to work and to strive to establish good human relations.

  • To keep the morale and motivation of the personnel at all levels at the highest level.

  • To provide all personnel with the opportunity to develop, progress and rise in line with their abilities, with an effective training plan and program.

  • To ensure that the personnel work with maximum efficiency in the task in accordance with their knowledge and skills, to direct them to be successful and to reward the successful ones.

  • To appoint personnel from within the body of the Company to the vacant management positions.

  • To make working in the Company attractive by meeting the social and cultural needs of the personnel, and making all personnel benefit from social services and assistance, within the budgetary possibilities.

  • Developing communication procedures and facilities in order to convey the issues concerning the personnel to the personnel in a timely manner and to enable them to easily convey their opinions and suggestions to the Company.